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Inventor : Iwate University, Professor Taketo Kaneko
: Institute for Animal Reproduction

EGET stands for
Easy get next Generation by Embryo Transfer

Conventionally, in order to “produce offspring from transplanted fertilized eggs”,
it was required to create pseudopregnant females by vasectomized males.

“Pseudopregnant rat production device ~EGET~” does not require a vasectomized male, achieves artificial pseudopregnancy induction.

This method allows for the production of offspring derived from transplanted fertilized rat embryos using a small, lightweight, and simple operation.
It is expected to reduce the number of animals used and work time.









• Target Animal:  Rat
• Body Size:    Total length 168mm, Insertion part φ5mm x L27mm
• Expiration date:  Within 1 year or use for 250 animals
• Set contents:   1 main unit, 2 tip probes, Instruction manual

*More detailed information on how to use the product is available on the buyers-only page.

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