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The Animal Marker was developed for easy, long lasting identification of laboratory animals.
It is intended for use on the fur, not on the skin. (black animals excluded)

*If you wish to mark the tail or skin of mice and rats Oppen is recommended.

・Markers for easy and safe use on mice and rats.
・The toxicity classification of the animal markers is GHS 5<2000-5000. The LD50 cutoff value was determined to be 2500mg/kg.
・6 colors (blue, green, red, yellow, orange and black) are available.
・Colors remain for 6-12 weeks.
・About 400-600 rats can be processed.
(Depending on the size of the animal and the area to be applied)

*About Animal Marker in Japanese

■Animal Marker

Capacity Units of Sale Cat No.
10ml 3pcs/box FG2200
12pcs/box F10-
15ml 2pcs/box FG2000
12pcs/box F15-

*When ordering, please include your preferred color code at the end of the cat No..

blue:B green:G red:R
yellow:Y orange:D black:K