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We hope to contribute to a reduction in the number of experimental animals used, and Natsume Rat is used by those concerned as much as possible as practical efforts for alternatives to animal experiments in medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary education and the education for
sophisticating animal experiment techniques.
The concept of 3Rs*1 proposed by Russell and Burch in 1959 is currently
the international principle on performing animal experiments, and this is
an essential principle in the lifesciences, which is our company’s field.
*1 Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement

YouTube:Tail vein injection  Blood collection through tail vein

Retention / Holding Oral administration

Endtracheal intubation Tail vein injection
Blood collection through tail vein
Length of body:19 cm
Length of tail:18 cm
Body weight:about 200 g
●Component parts
Main Body of rat model×1
Instruction manual×1
Simulated blood (50mL)×1
Spare tail×1