KN-591-E One-hand milking device for mice and rats

One-hand milking device for mice and rats click image

Conventional milking machines for mice and rats are few in number and difficult to operate, so most of them
are used to collect milk from the stomach of lactated baby.
Our one-hand milking device for mice and rats makes milking much easier and without using baby animals.
The device covers the nipple area of the animal to be milked with a tube with a trumpet-shaped tip, and a separate suction cube is used to inhale the air from the milking tube.
Negative pressure inside of the tube by sucking air will correct the milk directly from mother’s nipple.

【Instructions for use】
1. Temporarily separate the mother and baby for about 4 hours before
milking to ensure the mother’s milk supply. Use a storage cage if needed.
2. Anesthetize the mother.
3. Administrate Oxytocin.
4. Milk each teat in turn. Open/close Pressure adjuster by covering finger over to milk. Continuous milking of one teat may damage the teat.
5. When milking is complete, return the mother to the cage with the baby.

【One-hand milking device for mice and rats set includes】

● One-hand milking device – main unit x 5piece
● Suction tube (1,000mm in length)   x 5piece
● Connecter to set main unit and suction tube
(inner diameter 4.0mm/6.5mm)     x 1piece each
Ⓐ Milking tube
Ⓑ Pressure adjuster
Ⓒ Exhaust tube
Ⓓ Sampling tube connecting plug
※ Please prepare aspirator (water flow or pump type) andsampling tube          (approx. volume of 1.5ml) by yourself.