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●Animals for use
The device is designed for use mainly in small experimental animals such as mice and rats.

●Anesthetics to be used
Anesthetic can be selected from isoflurane and sevoflurane. *The anesthetic device is designed for use with one of these drugs exclusively.

●Simultaneous maintenance of multiple animals
By combining peripheral apparatuses, 1 to 10 mice or 1 to 8 rats can be maintained.

●Necessary functions, only as required
We have achieved further cost reductions compared to our previous products by reviewing each component.
We provide a wide variety of peripheral apparatuses to answer various needs.

Main  specifications

Main body size W 175 x D 145 x H 360 mm
Main body weight Approx. 7.7 kg (excluding the Colorful-o-meter)
Vaporizer For isoflurane or sevoflurane

(for use with one anesthetic drug exclusively)

Flow rate Induction anesthesia box side: Approx. 5 L/min*1

Maintenance anesthesia mask side: Up to 1.0 L/min*2

Power source AC 100 V

*1: Induction anesthesia box can be filled with anesthetic gas.
If you wish to adjust the flow rate, we have KN-1013-5 Colorful-o-meter (5 L type) x 1 (sold separately) available to be connected to theinduction anesthesia box side.
*2: One Colorful-o-meter is provided with the device for use on the side of maintenance anesthetic mask.
For the maintenance anesthesia in multiple animals, Colorful-o-meter needs to be provided for each animal to be maintained.
*3: In addition to this, induction anesthesia box and other apparatus will be required (sold separately). We have a catalogue available for“related products for inhalation anesthesia apparatus”.