KN-297-E Oppen

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New Release on December 25, 2023

Laboratory animal’s ID marker

・Capable of marking the tail and skin of not only albino mice but also colored mice such as C57BL/6.

・Animal-safe inks are used.

・Available in five colors.

※If you wish to identifiy by hair, Animal marker is recommended.

 Final report of the acute oral toxicity test (Summary)

 Marking Example by Oppen

 Oppen User’s Voicem].

  Case1:Albino Mouse×Pink・Light Blue


  Case3:B6(2 week old)×All colors

  Case4:B6(4 months old)×All colors

  Case5:B6(6 months old)×All colors

Introduced on norecopa a database site for 3Rs(laboratory animal welfare) products headquartered in Norway.





The method of marking the tail with Oppen is suitable for short-term identification. Compared to ear-punching or ear-marking, which involves cutting the animal’s ears, this method is less stressful on the animal and easier for the experimenter.







Cat No. Product Name
 KN-297-B-6  Oppen Black [6pcs/pac]
 KN-297-G-6  Oppen Green [6pcs/pac]
 KN-297-P-6  Oppen Pink [6pcs/pac]
 KN-297-LB-6  Oppen Light Blue [6pcs/pac]
 KN-297-V-6  Oppen Violet [6pcs/pac]

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